Modality helps to visualise, identify and coordinate alternatives to the personal car in any given area.
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Planning sustainable mobility for all citizens

Data on mobility options is increasingly open, but it remains difficult to use unless you're a data expert.

The Modality tool transforms this data into interactive maps and allows everyone to understand how transportation affects daily life.

The new lines of the Grand Paris network will improve access to the area for nearly 5 million inhabitants.

Main case study

2021 vs 2030

The new lines of the Grand Paris network will improve access to the area for nearly 5 million inhabitants.

With data fromNavitia

Thematic studies

Zones with little or no coverage

Grand Paris: Which areas are cut off from the train, metro and tram networks?

Thematic studies coming soon

Lines Observatory

What impact does each line have on the territory and its population?
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Catchment area

Who can visit you using public transport?
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Finding the perfect place

Where are the best places to settle in order to maximise your access now and in the future?
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Flows from home to work

What are the main OD flows and how can transport solutions address them?
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CO2 saved

Where is taking public transport faster than driving, and what would the impact be of people changing their habits?
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About the Modality tool
Modality helps transport planners coordinate alternatives to the private car, offering all citizens a sustainable solution for daily travel. Modality is a diagnostic tool – you can view all transport options in one place and analyse their performance in terms of the service they provide to residents. Modality is also a simulation tool – you can create new mobility scenarios and test their real-life impacts using detailed interactive maps.
Modality is designed and developed by Dataveyes, a company specialising in human-data interactions.
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About the data
Modality interfaces with standardised data formats such as GTFS and NeTEx, and socio-demographic data opened by INSEE. The case studies described here were created using open data from Ile-de-France Mobilité for December 2021. Prospective data for 2030 are made available by Navitia, an open source platform for passenger information services.
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